Creative Portfolio

Creative Art Class helps students develop their appropriate ways of seeing, feeling, imagining and reflecting in visual arts by learning how to engage concepts into art pieces. Students are introduced to drawing, design and color theories in the beginning stage. As the class develops, they get exposed to contemporary visual art practices and concepts and learn how to think creatively to solve both visual and conceptual issues and seek their own integrative way of creating 2 or 3 dimensional visual arts. A dynamic and sequential approach toward art piece creation will be examined in this course; the procedure of ‘creative drawing’-‘color drawing’-‘creative mixed media project’-‘performance and photography’-‘2or 3 dimensional conception’-‘portfolio development’ is suggested to guide students throughout the course.

12 weeks  Portfolio Program

1. Instructor of drawing and art history   2 weeks
2. Painting ( Water color, Oil color and Acrylic ) 2  weeks
3. Creative mixed media project 2 weeks
4. 2 D, 3 D Design 2 weeks
5. Photography 2 weeks
6.Portfolio workshop  2 weeks